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Affordable,Delicate,Unique Interior Design,Creative and Customizable.

About our business

Steps Material is a building materials company focused on operating new creative materials. From product development, production, OEM, agency, import and export, warehousing, logistics services, sales service integration, and one-stop operation, it has solved many industry pain points. Currently, the company’s product line includes more than 100 categories and tens of thousands of styles for designers to choose from.

Advantage of steps material

Why Choose Us

Perfect transportation channels

A variety of rich transportation tools enable us to transport goods to various parts of the world at the fastest speed.

Provide customized services

Customers can choose and customize various patterns and colors according to their preferences, satisfying their imaginative imagination

Professional and fast after-sales service

We have professional and sincere customer service personnel who can answer any questions you have. We will reply carefully to any inquiries

View Products In Our Showrrom

we are able to offer a wide range of wall and soft stone collection in our showroom. Welcome everyone to visit our exhibition hall.

Product Catalog 2023~2024

What problem are we solving?

Deliver goods to the door--Global orders are door-to-door, and most products do not have minimum order quantity and can be shipped as long as payment is made.

Creative building materials-- Our innovative design provides unique, creative, safe, and environmentally friendly building materials for designers to use with confidence.

One-stop service-- At present, the company's product line has more than 100 categories, with tens of thousands of styles for designers to choose from. We provide one-stop solutions for R&D and production, OEM agency, export, warehousing, logistics, and deepening design.

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