Acrylic Board-Stone Texture


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Cutting: The best method is for the manufacturer to carve or for the advertising company to carve (the cutting position is neat and does not require special treatment). Woodworking can also be cut with an electrician’s saw, with white serrations on the back side of the cut, which need to be sanded smooth.
Adhesive tool: glass adhesive
Apply acrylic adhesive to the frame (apply to the acrylic joint)
Installation conditions: Before installing the acrylic board, it is necessary to ensure that the skeleton is flat and clean. Before installation, the protective film around the board should be lifted by 5-10cm. After installation is completed, the protective film should be removed as a whole to avoid damage to the board surface due to operation.
Maintenance: Avoid scratches and oil stains
Installation: Acrylic partition: Fix the frame around it, embed the acrylic into the interior of the frame, and temporarily fix it with screws. It can be used to connect with the acrylic background wall. Use high transparent glass adhesive to stick the acrylic back to the wall

Weight 0.5 kg

Acrylic-Stone texture


Mint green

Sample size


Regular size





bright color, high brightness, strong plasticity, high recovery rate, easy maintenance

Application place

Flash mob scene construction, soft decoration layout, escape room, hotel modeling, creative decoration partition, indoor and outdoor modeling

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