Aluminum Embossed Plate-Illusory Grid


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Construction guidance
Wall top installation:
Dry hanging:
1. Aluminum plate pre folded edge
2. Measurement, setting out, and drilling
3. Install corner codes
4. Install perforated keel
5. Install U-shaped galvanized pendants
6. Install the C-type rubber anti-skid pad
7. Install the aluminum plate
It is recommended to dry hang the composite honeycomb board and not stick it
1. Woodworking board primer
2. Apply structural adhesive to the back of the aluminum embossed plate
3. Butt joint collage
4. Support the wooden block, wait for the glue to dry, and remove the wooden block

重量0.5 公斤

Aluminum embossed plate-Illusory grid


Gold, Original


Sample size:200*300mm(Customization required for seven days), Actual size:1220*2440*1




Waterproof and fireproof

Application place

Various commercial spaces, restaurants, libraries, cafes, mike tea shop doors, home decoration