Cement Decoration Board-No.37 Cylinder groove cross pattern


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Weight up and down 2 kg, the specific weight is subject to the actual


Glue: with a large glue gun, technology: from the edge of the cement board 1.5cm at an interval of about 5cm glue points; In the horizontal and vertical direction of the apron, every 10-15cm in point (the basic and cement board sizing surface without dust).

Board surface seam: because the decorative cement board has a certain thermal expansion and cold contraction, wet expansion and dry lock characteristics and elasticity, it is recommended to leave3-5mm gaping the inner wall,5-10mm gap in the outer wall. The interior wall can choose natural seam (plate paste before, in the gap of the place with gray or black paint brush, dry after paste); The gap of the exterior wall should be filled with neutral Sealant without silicone oil containing polyurethane component is better), and the edge of the plate should be wrapped in beautiful paper.

Weight 0.5 kg

Cement-Cylinder groove cross pattern


Base on the cement

Sample size


Regular size



A mixture of plant fiber and cement


Waterproof and fireproof

Application place

Various commercial spaces, restaurants, libraries, cafes, mike tea shop doors, home decoration

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