PU Veneer- Stone Peel Medium Board Panel

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1.wall treatment: chord component installation will leak out of the bottom plate, the bottom surface of the first to-do a good color or finished wallboard veneer.

2.Wood fixation: according to the shape size, the wood is fixed on the bottom plate for winding the lamp belt. The wood is 3-4cm away from the circular hollow, so as to hide the lamp belt.(The size spacing in the figure is 12cm and, 18mm respectively, which can be adjusted according to the situation on site)

3.install the light belt: paste the low-voltage light belt on the wooden side, adjust the lighting direction according to the lighting, needs, and cut the grooves on the wooden side on both sides of the shape to pass the light belt. after pasting, stick it on the unwanted light source on the side with black tape (you can do without pasting).

4.installation members: evenly apply the structural glue on the back of the string members and paste it on the wooden side. After pasting, glue can be added to the surrounding frame position. note: waterproof light source is needed for outdoor installation. The wooden square can be replaced with steel pipe. When the sticking height is over 3 meters, screws/air nail gun should be added to fix the corners (it will affect the appearance). when the height is above 3 meters, the molding edge shall be reinforced with wall/steel plate.



重量0.5 公斤

PU-Stone peel medium board panel No.4


Clear water grey

Sample size


Regular size



Natural stone texture


More realistic, easy to install, concave and convex strong, lots of sizes and styles

Application place

Suitable for indoor and outdoor


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