Bamboo charcoal fiber board FS-DZ206


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  1. Determine the starting position according to the design and wall dimensions and use the spirit level to determine the position of the first 8mm closing line and nail it fixed.
  2. After the structural adhesive is applied to the back of the bamboo charcoal fiber solid board, the first plate is snapped into the profile for installation.
  3. Insert an 8mm I-wire from the side of the plate and nail it to fix and continue to install the plate in the same way until the corner.
  4. The male angle should not use 8mm male angle wire and install the plate on its side.
  5. Finally, after the edge of the plate is marked with nail-free glue and the edge is installed, the edge is fixed with beautiful sewing paper.
Weight 0.5 kg

Bamboo charcoal fiber board FS-DZ206


Brushed black

Sample size


Regular size



Bamboo charcoal base material, resin and polymer materials


High strength, hardness, skid resistant and wear resistant

Application place

Interior and exterior walls

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