High-heat electroplated volcanic Electroplating hole


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Preparation tools: neutral ceramic tile adhesive, sealant, wet sponge, mixing bucket, toothed scraper
Laying process:
1. Surface treatment. Clean the dust on the basic wall surface, remove dust, stains, putty, etc. Wall base leveling. Wipe the dust on the back of the electroplated volcanic rock clean
2. Mix and stir the ceramic tile adhesive. Ceramic tile adhesive is mixed in a ratio of 5.5-6.5KG of water to 20KG of ceramic tile adhesive. First pour water, then add powder, mix thoroughly in a bucket until there are no particles, let it stand for about 15 minutes, and then stir again for better use. The mixed tile adhesive should be used up within 2 hours to avoid drying. It is prohibited to mix the solidified ceramic tile adhesive with water before reuse.
3. During construction, use a toothed scraper to apply ceramic tile adhesive to the base wall surface, tilting it at an angle of 70 ° to evenly distribute it and form a toothed pattern. Control the thickness of the scraper to be applied at 1-2.5cm
4. Each application is about 1 square meter, with a required construction temperature range of 5-40 ℃. Then, within 5-15 minutes, the electroplated volcanic rock can be kneaded and pressed onto it (adjustments need to be made within 20-25 minutes)
5. Joint filling. The paved electroplated volcanic rock should be left to stand for about a week before filling the joints. After 24 hours of joint filling, clean the surface with a damp sponge to remove excess joint filler and tile adhesive.

Weight 0.23 kg

High-heat electroplated volcanic-Electroplating hole



Sample size


Regular size

50*300*10mm.0.23KG/75*300*10, 0.50KG

Application place

Interior and exterior walls

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